Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Top 5 Hacking Tools Of 2018-2019

Here is the list of top 5 Hacking tools for Windows and Linux OS. Hackers use these tools for different types of purposes. These hacking tools are freely available.
Coders, Hackers, and scriptwriters create these types of tools to perform attacks on their targets to get money illegally or legally. It makes them easier for them to perform their tasks as fast as possible. Here is the list of Top 5 Hacking tools of 2018:

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#1 Metasploit

Metasploitable is one of the best hacking tools of 2018. It is available for both Windows and Linux OS. Metasploitable has a collection of exploits, in fact, it is a complete infrastructure of tools that you can use to create your owns.
You can scan for thousands of vulnerabilities using this free tools. You can perform different attacks and find loopholes in the target machine. It is available open source and you can build your own tools using the metasploitable framework.

#2 Nmap

Nmap is one of the best freely available tool both for Windows and Linux OS. This tool is used to scan hosts for managing services, monitoring hosts, network inventory and service uptime. It is also known as a network mapper. It is used to scan for large networks. Nmap determines what hosts are available on the network by using raw IP packets in different ways. You can check what services are running on the target system like open ports and version of operating system.
What types of filters or firewalls are being used and many other characteristics.
Nmap can perform scanning on most of the types of OS. It provides both of the graphical and command line interfaces.

#3 Acunetix WVS 

Acunetix WVS is on the 3rd Number in the top 5 tools. Acunetix is used to scan for vulnerabilities on the web, it checks for loopholes and flaws in the system and then shows the lists of all the weak points. It scans a web for vulnerabilities like Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, RCE(Remote Code  Execution) and other vulnerabilities. It can scan a WordPress website for more than 1200 vulnerabilities.
Acunetix also provides a Login Sequence Recorder that allows you to log into password protected areas of a site. The false positive rate could be reduced by the use of new AcuSensor technology in this tool.

#4 Wireshark

The original name of Wireshark is Ethereal. It's an open source and freely available tool designed for both Windows and Linux OS. It works as a network protocol analyzer. Both command line and graphical versions are available for Wireshark. The command line version is called TShark. Wireshark is used to capture, analyze or sniff network packets interactively.

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#5 oclHashcat

oclHashcat is available in different versions both for Windows and Linux OS. If you are a password cracker that cracks password from different types of hashes no daily bases, you may have this tool installed in your System. oclHashcat can use both CPU and GPU powers to crack passwords as fast as possible.

This tool can perform the following attacks:

  •     Straight
  •     Combination
  •     Brute-force
  •     Hybrid Dictionary + mask
  •     Hybrid mask + dictionary



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